Career Planning System – how to Career Planing


Career Planning System

In the near future, the plan is well-thought-out in advance. It is the bridge between where we are and where we want to go in the future. Creating a career plan is one of the most effective ways to call career planning. Career planning is the name of a lifelong endeavor that includes job placement, employment, employment as well as retirement, retirement from employment, protection of the interests of the country and its people.

Career planning is mainly applicable to all people when it comes to realistic, timely and desirable career choices. Career planning can provide practical guidance to those making decisions when it comes to career decision making. Also, career planning assistance is essential for a career conscious person in terms of education, experience and job search.

Career Plan:

(A) The way a person has to prepare a career plan before entering a profession after formal education. Due to the intense competition in the job market of Bangladesh, it is important to observe this plan and be careful. We would urge employers to consider the following career planning methodology. Contrary to its nature, no profession can bring complete success to one’s life.

Therefore, in the tone of the career planning system, a jobber should keep in mind that the expected job does not violate his inherent preferences or interests and ideals, beliefs and values ​​and does not undermine his right to uphold personal beliefs and ideals. Apart from this, it is important to choose a career in front of education and physical and mental skills because if the things acquired in the life of education are a matter of work, then there are many benefits.

(B) Methods for selection of profession. As a career based on a limited assumption, no profession should be considered in career planning. Careful reading and examination of the desired profession are important before putting it into career planning. Shake things up to get ideas and information about the profession.

  • Advice to those engaged in related professions.
  • Counseling for professional career counselors (counseling).
  • Travel to the field of business (office, court mill, factory, etc).
  • Part-time job, by service. internships, volunteer.
  • Through written books and informative interviews about related occupations.

(C) Job specification:
At this stage a candidate-

  • Will specify the potential profession.
  • Will evaluate this profession.
  • If there are any exceptions, they will be examined.
  • Both short-term and long-term options will determine the career path.

(D) Predatory Materials for Occupation In this phase a candidate will try to make cognitive and material progress in obtaining the expected job. For example, investigations into the sources of additional education or training will be undertaken. Determine the strategy of finding a job.

  • Write a biography.
  • Prepare for a job interview.
  • I will gain experience in writing a good application form.
  • Coaching will take help of Prayon.

Career: Level layout exceeds twenty-five years with dreamy time. Career expectations or dreams are a matter of fact, most of them are foolish. All these career thoughts are a dreamy level for years.

  1. The beginning of the life of education is the dream period until the entry into the career. Most people consider the first career life as a time to look for a job after the education of a person and establish a time to take the first job. In the context of Bangladesh, the duration of this mass is limited to approximately 25 to 5 years. In the meantime, it disappears. As a result, the person is plunged into despair.
  2. The establishment-level started to decline in performance. This period is the longest in a career. In this country, we can call time from 35 to 55 as the middle ground of a person’s career.
  3. At this stage of an intermediate level career, a person may continuously excel or lose his or her work or
  4. Status Level During this time of career, a man does not learn anything new about his profession, nor is he interested in learning. At this stage, the person begins to identify his / her performance less efficiently than in previous years. Usually, the status level starts at 55 to the carrier.
  5. Completion In this phase, the person retires at the end of his career.


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