Certificate and Registration Card and Admit Card The way to recover if lost or lost


Certificate and Registration Card and Admit Card The way to recover if lost or lost

What to do if the National University Registration Card is lost And here’s how to pick it up again. The following is a discussion on what to do if you lose your NU Degree, Honors, Maristas course registration card or admit card. If anyone studying in Honors, Masters, and Degree under National University loses NU Registration Card or Admit Card, then he should do the following.

Make GD at the nearest police station:

In the case of missing the National University Registration Card or Admit Card, you have to make GD (General Diary) at the nearest police station. An application has to be made along with the officer in charge of the police station. Where you need to write an application along with your registration number, roll number, name, father’s name, mother’s name, college name. After the operation of the police station, you will be given a copy of the GD. You can apply for a new registration card or admit card along with the principal, by submitting that GD copy to the college.

N:B: There is no fee for GD or general diary at the police station.

See what to do if you lose a National University Registration Card

Ads in daily newspapers:

An advertisement should be placed in the local or national daily newspaper with the heading “Registration Card or Admit Card” lost. Where you have to give details including your registration number, roll number, name, father’s name, mother’s name, college name. Then the photocopy of that paper will be photocopied and attached to the college application form.

N:B: It costs a fee to advertise in the daily newspaper.

Registration card should be burned/burned/burned

If for some reason the registration card or admit card is burnt, or damaged, or torn, if you have any part of it special, then you will continue to advertise the GD and paper in the police station. Then the remaining part of the application form will be submitted only after submission. However, it will not be accepted if there is no name, roll number, center, side year, division and date of birth, date of birth and examination on the part of the registration card or entry card.

Earlier registration cards and admit cards were printed from the university office. So if these things get lost, you have to go onboard or bring in a representative from the college. But due to digitalization, they are not printed from these universities anymore.

After being published online, you can download it from the college authorities and print yourself as often as you like. As a result, the college authorities can, if desired, save a student from the hassle of having to GD or advertise in daily newspapers. When you download the registration card and card online, it is saved on the computer. So when needed, the college authorities can print it.

Suggestion: Before placing an advertisement in GD or newspaper in the police station, contact the computer operator of the college. Because he can easily download and print another registration card and admit card. So there is no need to worry about it.

What to do if you lose an exam admit card or academic transcript certificate:

The following are the details of what to do if you have lost the Admit Card, Academic Transcript, Certificate of Examination.

JSC, SSC, HSC – Exam Papers (Admit Card / Registration Card / Academic Transcript / Certificate) If lost / lost:

GD at the police station

One of the best-lost papers is to have a GD (general diary) at the police station. Other papers along with the time should be shown as proof that the acting officer of the police station can accurately record your roll and registration number, name, father/mother name, date of birth, etc. If the original papers are not shown then at least the photocopy should be shown. You will be given a copy of the GD. The place where the papers will be lost should be done to the nearest police station.

After doing GD at the police station, your job is to give the newspaper notice. For this, you have to give notice in any of the prevailing daily newspapers in the country, for that you have to contact the office of the newspaper giving notice.

Collection of duplicate application forms:

The application form should be collected for the withdrawal of a fake certificate from the Board’s “Data Collection Center”, and you can collect and print the form from the official website of the Board of Education. After collecting the forms, you must complete the signature along with the seal of your Head of Education.

N:B: There are no benefits to get on board, they are not so cooperative. So it is better to print online.

Communication with the Board of Education:

Then you will have to contact the board under which you gave the examination with GD copies and newspaper advertisement papers made at the police station.

At the Sonali Bank branch located there, the bank will have to draft the bank by paying the duplicate fee fixed by the board. Then they have to work according to the instrument they give.

  • Copy of the GD made at the police station.
  • Photocopy of advertisement placed on paper.
  • Application form.
  • Bank draft.

After submitting everything, they will give you a fixed time, during which you will have to pick up the fake papers.

Note: Duplicate papers are issued within three days to one month. No more than six months from the date of issuing a duplicate transcript.

What to do when burned or wasted or torn:

If for some reason the papers are burned, or destroyed, or torn, then some part of it is special to you. Then the police will continue to advertise on GD and paper. Then submit the remaining part along with the application form will continue. However, it will not be accepted if there is no name, roll number, center, side year, division and surname, date of birth and test name, in part of the certificate or number of burnt or torn.

N:B: In the case of foreign nationals have to apply through the Ministry of Education of their own government including bank draft.

The cost of all these tasks is:

Dhaka Board: Counterfeit / Charter / Entry Fee – 500 tk.

Sylhet Board: Double duplicate registration fee – 600 tk.

Other boards:

Duplicate numbering fee – 200 tk.

Duplicate certification fee – 300 tk

Note: In the case of the Chittagong board, the application can be made to the board after 7 days of advertisement in the newspaper and if you want to get it within 5 days, you will have to deposit an additional Tk.

If you lose your test certificate or number card:

Here’s how to get a certificate back from the board if you lose it. A certificate is one of the biggest achievements of the students’ educational life. If this certificate of hard-earned results is lost, then the person who has lost it understands what may be the state of mind. A certificate is the future of life. But losing a certificate does not mean losing your future. So there is nothing to worry about if you lose or lose certificates or valuable educational papers. Because it can be recovered.

If you lose your test certificate or number card, you should:

If a certificate, number card or passport is lost, you should first make a general diary (GD) at the police station near your area. A copy of the GD must be kept to yourself. Then one of the daily newspapers has to give notice of losing a certificate. The notice should briefly mention the name, branch, examination center, roll number, pass year, name of the board and how you have lost the certificate, number card or admit card.

Rule to GD if a certificate is lost:

After issuing the notice to the GD and the newspapers in the police station, you have to go to the board of education that gave the exam. After collecting the application form from the ‘Information Collection Center’ of the education board, it has to be filled out accurately. After that, the fees fixed by Sonali Bank should be drafted and submitted to the Secretary of the Board. The application will be effective after the money is deposited. The original bank draft along with the application form, photocopy of the circular notice and copy of the GD of the police station should be submitted.

Which must be filled out in the application form:

In filling out the lost certificate application form you must first state that you have lost an exam certificate (secondary or higher), and why you are applying. Different parts of the application should be written in English in large letters and in clear letters in Bengali, including full names, mother’s name, father’s name, name of the institution, roll number, next year, GPA, branch, registration number, education year and date of birth.

In the next section, the nationality, and the name and date of the notice published in the daily newspaper, and the name of the branch, the bank draft number, and date of the branch in which Sonali Bank drafted. The application form will require the recommendation of the Head of the Institution. It should have a seal with his signature and name on it. Private applicants must have the signature and name of the gazetted officer on the seal.

To get a new certificate:

Please make some photocopies of the offset paper and keep it in a place that is not easily lost. Or do not destroy water, fire or pest attacks. When the necessary paperwork is lost. Burns or gets destroyed. So it is better to be a bit cautious than to wear this kind of irony.

What to do if you lose a Stern Board exam certificate or number card? If the SSC certificate is lost/lost certificate rules/application for withdrawal of lost certificates / do not waste time thinking about this, then do whatever is necessary to do it as per the above procedure.


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